Intensive pediatric physical therapy is a form of treatment that provides a concentrated and immersive approach for children. It involves frequent and extended therapy sessions, usually lasting 1-2 hours per day over consecutive days or weeks. This intensive format is beneficial for children who need a more accelerated and focused rehabilitation while facilitating new skills through neuroplasticity. The goal is to achieve optimal outcomes and progress within a shorter timeframe compared to conventional therapy methods/frequency.

The Sensory DPT is a DMI trained provider now servicing Northeastern Florida. Intensive PT sessions are DMI-based (Intro Level C) paired with other interventions to optimize your child’s progress.

Intensives Schedule

Local – 20 miles from 32073 zipcode or in office (limited availability-priority to traveling family)

Travel – 50+ miles from 32073 | Minimum of 2 families in geographical area

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