Frequent Asked Questions

What services does The Sensory DPT offer?

We offer a range of mobile services, assessments and evaluations, Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) intensives, parent/caregiver education, school or community-based consultations, and individual sensory-based therapy sessions.

The Sensory DPT (TSDPT) might also offer in-office services in the area of Orange Park/Ponte Vedra in case by case basis (prior agreement).

How can sensory-focused physical therapy (PT) benefit individuals?

Sensory-focused PT can be highly beneficial in addressing both sensory processing challenges and physical limitations. It helps individuals improve sensory integration, body awareness, motor planning, and functional movement skills. By addressing both sensory and motor components, individuals can achieve improved overall functioning and independence.

Sensory-focused PT can benefit individuals of all ages who experience sensory processing challenges. This includes children with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, developmental delays, and sensory processing disorder (SPD).

How can I determine if DMI intensives are suitable for my child?

Regardless of the cognitive abilities and severity of neurological impairment, children facing various motor delays, such as Down Syndrome, Cerebral palsy, global developmental delay, hypotonia, chromosomal abnormalities/genetic disorders, spinal cord lesions, or acquired brain injury, can gain advantages from DMI motor intervention. This therapy stimulates neuroplasticity in the developing brain, making it beneficial for children with these conditions. Additionally, even children at risk, such as those born prematurely, can benefit from this treatment due to the significant neuroplastic changes it promotes in their developing brains.

Our experienced therapist will conduct assessments and evaluations to determine if DMI intensives are appropriate for your specific needs. We will work closely with you to develop a customized therapy plan that addresses your goals and objectives.

Can DMI intensives be combined with other therapy services?

Yes, DMI intensives can be combined with other therapy services to provide a comprehensive and individualized approach. Your therapist will collaborate with you to determine the most beneficial combination of therapies for your family unique situation.

How DMI intensives may benefit my child?

DMI intensives can be highly effective in promoting changes in sensory processing and motor skills. By providing intensive and focused therapy sessions, individuals can experience accelerated progress and improvements in areas such as coordination, balance, motor planning, and sensory integration. 

DMI stimulates neuroplasticity & facilitates new neuronal connections  provoking a specified active motor response from the child.

How long do DMI intensives typically last?

The duration of DMI intensives varies depending on the individual’s needs and goals. Intensives can range from several days to a few weeks, with multiple therapy sessions scheduled within that timeframe.

How can I schedule an appointment or learn about DMI and other services?

To schedule a DMI intensive or learn more about sensory-focused physical therapy (PT), please contact us via Contact Form or email us at Our team will be happy to provide you with detailed information, discuss your needs, and assist you in scheduling a consultation.

Payment Policy

We accept payments in cash, check, and credit card. Payment is due at the time services are rendered.

It’s the expectation that all clients receiving services are financially responsible for the timely payment of all charges incurred.

Do you accept insurance?

We provide Out of Network (OON) services with health insurances; we recommend reaching out to your insurance provider directly to determine OON benefits. TSDPT can provide you with the necessary documentation, including a Superbill/Itemized Receipt, upon request for reimbursement purposes. Some families choose to use Reimbursify to process their service claims.

We are also approved providers for Florida Step Up scholarship services starting at age 3 and above.


Do you offer payment plans?
To assist families in accessing DMI intensive services, we offer automatic payment plans.
Additionally, we provide pre-payment plans that allow families to purchase treatment sessions in blocks.
Where do you provide services?

Services can be provided:

  • In-home
    • DMI Intensives (Travel/Local)
    • Traditional PT (Local)
    • Early Steps Services
  • In the community
    • Traditional PT (Local)
    • Early Steps Services
    • In-office at Orange Park*
      • DMI Intensives

     *Available on a limited basis/subject to prior arraingment with family.