The Sensory DPT is a  pediatric physical therapy provider for children in the Clay County Area with office located in Branan Field Office Park by St. Vincent’s Hospital in Middleburg FL. With over 12 years of professional practice, Beverly I. Reyes PT, DPT is passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of children and their families providing personalized care & creating individual treatment plans to support each child’s unique needs, goals & growth.

The Sensory DPT is now offering Intensive DMI-based Physical Therapy services in office at 1646 Corsair Ln, Suite 603, Middleburg FL. Our location is surrounded by many amenities including restaurants, supermarket,  hotel & more. for the convenience of those traveling from other areas in NE FL.

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric physical therapy (PT)  is a specialized field that focuses on improving children’s motor skills, strength, coordination, and overall physical function. Peds PT work closely with children and their families to develop customized treatment plans, incorporating techniques, exercises, play-based activities, and assistive devices. The aim is to enhance motor skills, promote mobility, and enhance the overall quality of life for children from birth to school ages. 

The Sensory DPT provides:

Trained in whole body approach, breathing & resting jaw/tongue posture, your provider will help your child in all areas of development.

Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) Therapy

Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) therapy is a groundbreaking approach that combines movement, postural responses, and neuroplasticity principles to promote positive changes in the nervous system. It is specifically designed to address the unique needs of children facing developmental delays, neurological disorders, motor coordination difficulties, and sensory processing challenges.

The utilization of DMI techniques is integrated into the individualized care plan for every child by the Sensory DPT.

Wellness Services


Physical therapist-led developmental screenings refer to the assessment and evaluation of a child’s developmental milestones and abilities by a qualified physical therapist. These screenings are designed to identify any potential delays or issues in a child’s motor development, including gross motor skills, coordination, strength, balance, and mobility.

The screenings may take place in a clinical setting or in the child’s natural environment, such as their home or school.

PT-Led developmental classes

Lactation support services

Lactation support services include infant bodywork to assist with optimal oral motor function during lactation.

  • Craniosacral techniques
  • Fascia work
  • Pre-/post-frenotomy work (oral-motor/orofacial support)
  • Persistent torticollis (head tilt/side preference)
  • General lactation support & support referrals if needed



Meet your therapist!

Meet your therapist!

Beverly has a passion for working with children and has specialized in treating kids aged 0-5 years old. She currently services Clay County through the Early Steps program and is be expanding her services to the community in-clinic and school-based services as private pay practice.

In addition, Beverly is excited to announce the launch of her DMI-based Intensive Therapy services in the northeastern area of fl. Intensives will provide DMI & Tases interventions among other child led activities.